About Buddy's


Buddy's Home Bakery - the background


Chris Budd has been a professional baker for all of his working life,  mostly specialising in bread.  He does, however, love to make cakes, buns and bread at home for the family so there's always something scrumptious of the bread, cookie, bun or cake variety on the go in the Budd household!

Being very artistic he turned his hand to celebration cakes and started to make them for friends and family.  These in turn became very popular and word got around as to how good they were not just to look at but to eat as each one is delicious too!   Just how a cake should be.

Chris has now made this his full time profession and one that he loves to do and has a passion for.  He tries his hand at anything and is a perfectionist.  Each cake is designed specifically for each customer and can be completely personalised.   A lady wanted to replicate her father proposing to her mother on a railway platform for a wedding anniversary cake.   Chris made sure the clothing and hair colour were the same and even the time on the station clock!!   If you are a fan of a particular celebrity Chris can hand draw their face on a cake, take a look at the Elvis cake and the Peter Andre cake.  Another customer had a penchant for pork pies and so a cake was made to look exactly like one!    Any theme can be put onto a cake which is especially popular with children's character cakes.

Orders can also be taken for bread, rolls, cookies, cupcakes in bulk for events and occasions.

Buddy's Home Bakery is a family run business as Chris's wife, Emma, deals with the booking side and the administration so please feel free to give Emma a call to discuss your requirements.